MS Care seeks to improve the delivery of effective treatments for chronic pain and depression in patients with MS through the use of collaborative care, a specific type of integrated care. 

When I think about Collaborative Care, it's a team of different providers with different strengths that can help patients.
I love that the Care Manager can check in with patients and provide them with tools and different sets of interventions.
Having the phone aspect was huge for patients who cannot physically come here once per week. - MS Care Provider

MS Care Manager

Engage patients and providers in a collaborative model ensuring proactive care that best meets patients' needs and is grounded in the belief that patients are experts in their own lives.

MS CARE Results

MS Care improved participant's control of pain and/or depression as well as satisfaction with healthcare.

Stakeholder spotlight

Stakeholder feedback and recommendations were instrumental in creating a model of care relevant and responsive to the needs of patients and providers alike.